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what should i do?Sonntag 24.04.2011 02:03 PM

sometimes i think ´yeah, he´s the right guy for me´ but on the next day i read this blogs on facebook and i just think ´fucking shut up, u´re such an ass´. But what should i do? Everytime i´m angry he comes ro me, looks into my eyes and i just think ´oh no, he´s sooo sweet´ and i´m not angry anymore. But now i think thas not the life i want to live. i want to have a boyfriend WHO DOESN´T LOOK AT OTHER GIRLS and who´s ONLY MY GUY. I think i don´t trust u anymore and i really think about leaving you the next days. If such an event only happens one time again, i´m no less time your girl, please think about it...

with or without love, your love since the 09032008...

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