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About me !Sonntag 07.02.2010 07:32 PM

Hey ! I'm Christina Grimmie ! I'm 15, i'm obsessed with Zelda. Im a Christian, love Jesus Christ, He's my Lord & Savior, i also love mario and prety much im just a videogame geek. I love to sing, write music, and i never take a ride in a car without my ipod. like, ever. mario and zelda are amazing and i probly know EVERYTHING about zelda ocarina of time. :D

i do NOT know how to read notes. i play piano by ear, i just figure out the songs on my own , and this is for all the people that keep asking me where i get sheet music. :D


JESUS, VIDEO GAMES, SINGING, playin piano drums and guitar, videogames, mario, zelda, videogames, hangin out with friends, love my brother so i hang out with him alot, video games....

Liar Liar, Yes Man, Happy Gilmore, Click, National Treasure, The Passion-- LOST, Hannah Montana, E! news.

Metallica, Christina Aguilera, Pantera, BoA -- metal, pop, dance.
anything along them lines.

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