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The only one♥Donnerstag 30.07.2009 01:40 PM

With you , I would be together forever.
We can blindly trust cause you're honest with me.
By every (life)decision I'll stand behind you.
With you as a friend , I'm very rich.
Our actions, the fun .. I like to think back..
For example how we found us, it wasn't just luck!
When we talk, there isn't very much silence.
But if there will be quiet times, it doesn't matter
cause we see ourselves wordlessly. You know how I am.
I know you always expect your haelen.
It isn't difficult to trust you.
And should I'll be sad, then you build me up.
You are standing behind me and are everytime by my side.
You are going with me through my life, we are already gone through thick and thin.
And you are irreplaceable, a girl that is laughing everyday.
You've given me so much , but you never want something back.

our friendship must be something special ♥

Vielleicht ist dies' nicht das beste Englisch,
aber es kommt absolut von Herzen ♥♥

I love you,
really :)

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