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Everyday CombatSamstag 12.05.2007 02:04 AM

Bar Fight, week night
You don't look right, poor mite, no bite
Wake up, first light
This is what we live and what we see...
Dance club, strip light
Get drunk, no sight, watch it ignite
Live it up tonight
Nobody really cares, but it's not for me...

Times up, let's go, all that we know
Release tension, you're my hero
After dark, terror in the town high street
And I know you can't stop full throttle
Get involved mate, broken bottle
(Invasion) Panic on the cold concrete

Living in everyday combat
Day to day, commuter riot
Shot down, dancing in the DMZ
Wake up, streets on fire
Caged in with razor wire
Shot down, living in the DMZ
Living in the DMZ

Don't think you're safe 'cause it's not over...

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