the devil wears prada

[Kein Thema]Dienstag 21.08.2007 08:10 PM

1. What CD is in your CD player?: Bring Me The Horizon - Count Your Blessings
2. What CD is in your radio/boombox?: - yh
3. What song are you listening to?: Bring Me The Horizon - Off The Heezay
4. What's your favorite song at the moment?: Bring Me The Horizon - Pray For Plagues
Linkin Park - In Pieces

favorite bands/singers.
5. What's your favorite band?: Linkin Park and BMTH
6. How did you find them?: mtv vuonna 2000 (lolle)
7. If they did any covers of other songs, which is your favorite?: Bmth- Eyeless
8. How long has this band been your favorite?: Linkin Park,now 7 years.
9. What drew you to this band the most?: Everything
10. Can you relate to most of their lyrics?: Definetly
11. Where is this band from?: Linkin Park,Los Angeles California. BMTH,United Kingdom.
12. Can you name all the band members for us?: Linkin Park : Chester,Mike,Phoenix,Rob,
Brad and Joseph. BMTH: Oli,Matt,Matt,Lee and Curtis.
13. ..and all the instruments they use?: guitars, syncs, drums, bass' djmikävittulieonkaan, and other fun stuff
14. Ever been to a concert/show where this band played?: YESYESYES Linkin Park @ Paris,Bercy (bestfukindayever)<3
15. Now, your favorite singer is: Oliver Sykes & Chester Bennington (suprise)
16. How did you find them?: soooomewhere over the rainbooow....
17. Why do you like them so much?: stupidquestion!
18. What genre music do they sing?: alternative and screamometaltrashhh!
19. Do they inspire you at all?: most sertainly do
20. Ever been to one of their concerts/shows?: Linkin Parks yes.
21. Do you have any of their merchandise?: t-shits and other stuffs! i love my new lpbag <3

favorite genres.
[] Pop
[] Techno
[] Electronica
[x] Metal
[x] Emo
[x] Punk
[x] Rock
[x] Pop-punk and/or pop-rock
[] Rap
[] Raggae
[] Hip-Hop
[] Country
[] Soul
[] Disco
[x] Indie
[ ] Ska
[x] Screamo
[ ] Classic Rock
[öh] Hell, I'd listen to almost anything

this or that.
22. The classic question, rock or rap?: lolz.kelaa kuule sitä et yo.
23. Screamo or emo?: både och.
24. Classic rock or newer rock?: mm-m.
25. Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?: Ashlee...
26. Good Charlotte or Hawthorne Heights?: Good Charlotte men hawthorne heights också
27. Eminem or 50 Cent?: fy vad äckligt
28. Kenny Chesney or Rascal Flatts?: ketä noi o?
29. Hellogoodbye or Panic! At the Disco?: Hellogoodbye
30. Rammstein or Megaherz?: Rammstein.
31. Spice Girls or The Pussycat Dolls?: Fy vad äckligt!
32. Mariah Carey or Shakira?: EW!
33. Concerts or shows?: both!
32. CDs or cassettes?: CDs
33. MTV or Fuse?: MTV

random ending questions.
34. Do you listen to music sung in a different language?: finnish!(LOL)
35. Do you like alot of bands most people have never heard of?: mm-m ett. some.
36. Do you think MTV should kick the reality shows and have more music videos?: JEOP!
37. Do you sing and/or make your own music?: ehei.
38. What's your favorite album?: Linkin Parks Hybrid Theory and BMTH - Count Your Blessings
39. What's your favorite CD cover?: mmm-m BMTH - eyeless slipknot cover
40. What song has the coolest name?: ahah BMTH - Tell Slater To Not Wash His Dick
41. (If you write song lyrics) Did you ever come up with a good song name but you found out another band beat you to it?: - nnoup
42. Ever been in a mosh pit?: YESYES THAT'S SO COOL
43. Do you like mosh pits?: UH! it's love

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