Meine Seele hat mehr Narben als mein Körper!/ vergeben an den besten jungen der Welt!

regeln:)Mittwoch 30.05.2012 12:59 AM

kiss on the lips = i love you, kiss on the ear = you are special, kiss on the nose = laughter xD, kiss on the cheek = friendship, kiss on the furehead = i comfort you, kiss on the neck = i want you, kiss on the shoulder = you're wonderful, kiss anywhere else = be careful, play around with hair = can't live without you, holding hands = happiness, arms around walst = you're mine, a hug = i care, smiling at eachother = i like you, lifting up eyebrowns = flirtation, looking around = hiding true feelings, tender kiss on the side of your lips = i never let you go, wetting you lips = waiting for a kiss, tear drop = i'm loosing you, crying = i lost you

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