ich bin verliebt weil es dich gibt :* wunderbar (:
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friendsSamstag 04.07.2009 03:31 PM

do u see the sorrow in my eyes when im thinking of him?
feel u the love i want to give to him?
a heart made of ice but there is no bitterness.
always thinking of my friends, ive never seen in realilty,
makes me miss them more and more.
if i talk to them i feel like a little sister for them.
they are more than just friends.
they are my family, a place where i can hide...
one of the rare places where i can show my tears, my fears and all i ever hide in front of my parents.....
they dont see me but they feel it when i´m sick or sad.
i like them as my friends wich live near me.

dragen und tobi ihr seid mir so derbst wichtig.
vllt treffen wir uns ja mal... wünsch es mir sehr

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