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We but not meMontag 28.07.2014 02:37 PM

Its hard to be myself,
cause everytime your by my side,
just we but not me,
all the time your with me,
I want to stay myself,
want to have time for me.
But all the time I am at home,
Ill never be allone.

When Im gone and your alone,
you write all the time messages to my phone.
Its hard when I wanna be alone.
I dont wanna get a heart of stone.
But its still the same, everytime im away from you,
when i dont write back or get up the phone,
you tell me you worry about me,
but Im a big girl, I cann care for myself.

I lay there in the night sometimes thinking to leave you alone,
but I cant,
I Love You ♥
all what I loved so much, I think sometimes it is gone,
the boy wich waits for me,
writes poems and show me the love i thought it was lost,
this boy seems to be gone,
seems to be another.

sex and Love the same feeling? never.
but both will last forever.
Sometimes I dream of the past, of the boy i fell in love with.
But now i feel alone, lost in "us" but I m gone, so long.

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