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Nady - free

I scream,
I´m begging
take me out of here
I can not bear it anymore,
this lovelessness,
this severe cold,
it fucks me up,
I am here, but it´s not me,
it somebody else.
I pretend my behaviour is my own, but that´s not true,

they not taking me as I am
They trying to change me,
but nobody has ask me for accreditation / allowance.
I´m not able to stand to this falseness any longer
It´s too much for me
I wanna go home,
but I´m not able to do
this feeling makes me depressiv
and it won´t go away

But I wanna be free
Free from all those
Free without bondage
without dread,
without fear of another mistake
Free, simply free

Everytime the same game,
I can augur it,
no hello,
no kindly word,
just the charge that I go,
that I forsake her,
that I wanna be free

Some can not comprehend it,
they can not declare it to themselves,
but if they were on my position just one day,
they would do the same
It´s like in jail,
you want to break out,
but you can not.
I can´t stand it any longer
Please take me out of here

This pain must heal,
otherwise I have no chance,
but soon it´s over
and then I am finally free

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