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About some secondsSamstag 04.06.2011 04:56 PM

Spinning, locked in steel.
Not knowing, is it real?
Weightless, concious...
The Flash of a thought:

What now?
Lights off? Eternal Darkness?
Burning Hell or glooming Heaven?
I didn't even feel the sharpness
and all the cuts,
I counted, seven.

Then, a sudden
Strike through all my muscles.
Still, no pain but blood and
confused and myself
tied upside down.

Her face, her beauty.
Never told her what I feel
Chances for duty?
Am I still here?

The box shattered,
the crash is done.
I here my voice:
"Everyone's fine?"

A piece of a second,
silence and fear.
Until this moment
that I could hear:

"All's fine, we're allright"

Untie myself and crouch
through all the broken glass
for getting out,
covered in blood and gaz.

Then the anger,
spies out some curses
then a stranger,
then the nurses.

Now I'm here
scarfaced but fine.
I wanna see her
right in time.

Now I know
seconds decide
don't want to go
don't want to hide

my soul.
I love her, she needs to know.
She will know. Soon.

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