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Cerebration of EmotionsSamstag 23.04.2011 05:35 PM

I should be sad.
Confused instead.
Was it a good night?
Or a bad one?

Am I dissappointed?
No. Proud?
Maybe. Happy?
Hell, yeah!

Why? Can't tell.
But I know? No.
It's a fact.
Is there any hope?

Of course, be reasonable?
Not sure. Hope so.
Empty Line.
Fullfilled heart.

Free. Yes, free.
But addicted.
Cannot wait until...
You know, tomorrow.

Will it be like last night?
Or we go even further?
Or there could be a cut.
Termination of it all.

Don't want to imagine.
Never. A good friend.
Hope for more, but
don't wanna miss this.

Don't wanna miss her.
So I'll take that pill
Try not to dream.
But I will. Soon. Fuck!

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