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Chance or Dream?Mittwoch 20.04.2011 02:16 AM

You are my Future
Gift or Grudge?
You are my Sunshine's
warming touch
or its Heat
that burns a scar

into my heart.

It's still beating
on and on
Will I make it
If You're gone?

I have known You
for so long
but never felt
this way so strong.

in my heart.

You are special,
maybe THE one.
I cannot proof
for now.

Is there a chance?
Or am I dreamin'?
Should I be hoping?
Or just screamin'?

So many questions
and no answers -
Until You're here.

Will I like'em?

I like You.
I miss You.
Even love You.

Why the Hell this must be so fuckin' complicated?!

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