i got my head up but i don't have my hopes high

weil du es so gewollt hast !!!Freitag 13.11.2009 07:38 PM

We can´t fight nomore, I´m sure !
I´ve given you my world and so the entry to my heart.
I could cry all night long, but BOY, I wrote this song.
I´m so dissapointed of you, you´re just a fucking fool.
Do you know how it feels to have a broken heart?
No ? Sorry, but I can´t tell you, my life is to short.
Have you ever loved me real, or was our time just a filthy deal ?
I´m not able to discribe my hate , don´t come back, ´cause now
it´s to late!
I´ve still your kisses in my memories, you don´t know how this
picture in my heart feels.
It´s such a misery to see you happy, when I´m screaming in
my bed sadly.
I´d trust you in vain, can you see my tears, so look into the rain.
I shouldn´t love you, but I have to .
This emptiness is still killing me, you have triggered off this fight, dear.
To make mistakes is human, but not that what you´d doin´ !!!

made by M@nnie

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