#wer weiß, wozu das nun alles wieder gut ist

Dear Juliet-Summer's SongDienstag 17.11.2009 06:40 PM

This summer is coming to a close
and i'm starting to figure out that i cannot live without you
i hope you're thinking of me, cuz all the stars above me sing your name
i'll never be the same again

so please don't forget to call me
just to let me know you're doing okay
miles away from me

this summer was the best i've ever had
i never want to see it end, so let's pretend
that we're never going back home again
just say those three words i know you're thinkin
i'm sick of wasting time on these formalities
please never leave my side

so please tell me darling
why you're so far away
when i need you beside me tonight

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