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:'(Samstag 14.01.2012 10:36 PM

I say if you knew how I would I do then I feel alone and lonely even though you're there, give me a little more time with you I love you so much and you want simplicity, only feel every night and feel in my poor with, but every night I see it and do not wish my dreams come true because you're not here with me what I must do so that you're with me, tell me what my soul cries out for you my heart has been torn apart and weeps after you I need you. when I'm in my room here so I turn and I'm alone no one can see when no one can stop me of the comforts me when I'm depressed, no one just says to me once I love you I love you I'll be with you in the difficult times but now I have to see how lonely life can be that although bilion people live on the earth and still useable, it is always someone to turn to

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