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I've totally forgot this page for like AGES.. but ok, now I'm back.. :)

Anyway, so as you maybe read the title, I'm coming to Germany! Huhu, I'm feeling damn lucky at the moment ^^
The truth is, I'm going to spend 6 weeks, which means exactly half of my summer break, in Germany. It's almost coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Actually I'm going to be an exchange student, but I have to go to school only 3 weeks.
The programme is YFU, maybe you've heard about it.
And the date is 22.06. so.. this Friday already :o I'm so damn nervous, but in the most positive meaning ever :)
Oh and I'm going to live in a wonderful family in a little-little town called Bad Essen in Lower Saxony.

Btw the first three days and also last three days I'm in Berlin.
And I'm flying home on 4.08.

Ok, I've got nothing else interesting so say.. oh, I finished my 8th class :D And I'm glad it's summer, cause school tired the hell out of me.

gotta go now ;*

Until next time,
Helena <3

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