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It's your turnMontag 29.10.2007 11:36 AM

Verse I :
I look in the candle light
I'm not feelin' the pain inside
What happened to you
Stay, that's what you have to do

Verse II :
I can never stop my fears
You're not allowed to see my tears
The world you think to know
Consists just of me and bloody snow

Verse III :
All the time you have to sream
Because of the violence in your dreams
They control you, they hurt you
Please help me, what should I do

Refrain :
Stop the voices in people's head
Please don't listen to what they said
Stop the fear around the world
Lonely darkness since your birth
Let the children dreams come true
Help them, that's what you must to

Verse IV :
In my head there is a fear
Which never disappears
I never trust, I never obey
But tell me what I can say

Verse V :
This fear belongs to everyone
I don't know what I have done
I look out of my heart
There is a new life I have to start

(C) Heidi K.

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