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07.12.2008 13:12 <|BabyDoll__> omq XD opfer :D FAKE -.-' so armseliq
07.12.2008 18:53 <|BabyDoll__> oh god, you are miserable -.- 'I have all the images already seen on the internet
07.12.2008 18:58 <|BabyDoll__> yes sure :D should I believe you now? you are pathetic :D
07.12.2008 19:01 <|BabyDoll__> hm...make a pic now and write on your hand: I'm real
07.12.2008 19:01 <|BabyDoll__> ok?
07.12.2008 19:05 <|BabyDoll__> kay...

then i asked her where has she seen my pictures ....

07.12.2008 19:06 <|BabyDoll__> on the homepage from katie skadoske
07.12.2008 19:09 <|BabyDoll__> katie skadoske is a very popular emo-model ...i can search the homepage but i don't think that i find them...
07.12.2008 19:12 <|BabyDoll__> I can not find a homepage, because this is also somewhat longer ago than I've seen pictures there

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