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Be my friend at IMVU? *puppy eyes*Freitag 07.12.2007 05:27 PM

OK, wanna be my friend at IMVU??

Then GO to the link below:

IMVU is a 3D chat program which is really cool. You can develope your own avatar (doll), and make it look like the way you wish. And afterwards, edit it again if you're tired of the look you made.

You can buy clothes, hair, eyecolours, skin, nails, etc.. Even ROOMS.

Sooo, if you wish to be my friend at this, then follow the URL ^^
I have only 2 friends on this place, which I don't chat with very much either, so I would like to meet more friends ^^

I'd like it better if you have anything in common with me, cause else I would have no idea what to talk about O___O If you don't have anything in common with me but still wish to be my friend, just follow the URL and we'll figure it out ^^


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