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So...Montag 26.11.2007 12:33 PM

Now this person told me it is a rule to be in the standard picture.. Hmm..

Then why is it that so many people have different pictures??
I wonder..

Though, I should say.. I AM in one of the albums. So, I mean.. Why is it a problem if you don't use a picture of yourself as standard?

It's not like I'm saying I am him.. =S

Seriously.. This site is beginning to annoy me in some way =___=U You aren't allowed to upload more then 30 pictures, OMFG.. You probably have to pay to get higher and put more picture on =/ Please...
There's more though.. But I really don't feel like saying it all, cause people that are smart enough should know this XDD (J/K)
If it is such a problem that I don't feel like using a picture of me as standard picture, then I really couldn't care less if these people who take care of this site would delete my account =/

Maybe if I get tired enough of this site, I would even delete it myself. I never thought of this as a stayer. It's just temporary.

So.. Really.. I couldn't care less...

OK.. That's it! =D



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