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O______oDonnerstag 08.11.2007 03:55 PM

HI! =D

Ok, SO.. I just started with this thing, that means.. I still have some things to figure out >_<U
My friend Esther (bam-margera) has one of these too, and when I saw it, I thought.. What the heck?! Let's make one too! XDD

I like to have a page on every site possible XDD NORMAL sites anyway XDDD

Hmmm... Well.. I have a LOT of pages already... I have Livejournal, Tagged, Netlog, Blogspot, Crunchyroll, Youtube, MySpace, Fotolog, and 2 Quizilla accounts ^^ With this one it makes 11 XDD If I counted right O-oU

Hmm, what more to say???

I don't actually SPEAK german.. A few words, but that's it ^_^U
BUT! I CAN understand most of the things... If I read it anyway XDD

Uhhhmmm.... What more?? >_<
Nothing comes to mind right now XDD Feel free to comment, or message or... Whatever is possible on this site! XD

Baibai! ^^

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