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Okay!Dienstag 26.08.2008 05:02 PM

Again, I forgot about this site! =D

I thought I'd upload some pictures I made... These pictures were dedicated to my friend Angie; who said I should make a shoot where I looked 'cute' XD
I haven't tried to look cute for years and years XDD

I think I did quite good X3

Anyways, so; the artist page is there!

I think this is it, and if not, I'll put on the correct one later. But I think this was the URL.
I need to update it though, put on a new picture or something, since I hate how my eyeliner was out on the current picture I have there.

I'm busy with making some tunes for the page as well... Dunno if I'll sing there too, but maybe I will if I feel like it. It's going to be just a small, short tune for the page as temporary stuff...
Then, I want to make intro tunes for both of us; me and Lil'.
I have to wait for a little while now though, 'cause I do everything on my main computer, and not on the laptop; on which I am now.
I don't have a keyboard at the moment for my main computer.... (sigh)

Oh well...


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