I use to shoot you down

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You always you :)Montag 04.02.2008 06:44 PM

When I look into your eyes
I can feel the sun come rise
it seems like you give me the things I i have been missing in my life,
the things I give up for search cause I thought things i`m not going to find,
but how could I find when there`s no light in my nights,
I´m Saying how could I find when there`re just clouds and no sunshine
you fill me up with joy and every moment`s a surprise
you set me free from Babylon, you make me leave this place for miles
you´re no illusion, so no you are the truth,
never forget
It´s you always you,
you always you,
you always you,
na na na, naa na na na, yeah, mhhh It`s you always you my sweet dream


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