out of mind and out of sight

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!Freitag 09.11.2012 10:08 PM

watch the ceiling fan make shadows on the wall
my life is like a cancelled series, plotlines all have stalled
enveloped by a shell of endless lethargy and doom
population one in my excuse for a bedroom
no longer sure that i can make it, or if i even want
to try my luck again at this bullshit that we call love
no longer sure that i can take it, or if i ever will
cause lower than the ocean floor is where i'm living still
is it the way you touched my shoulder blades
how you just seemed to fill in all the blanks
when i pushed you pulled, you always made me feel so beautiful
is it the way your hand fit into mine
told me you'd hold me til the end of time
i'm just lost at sea without you next to me
so fuck you and everything you said
it was all lies, messin with my head

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