"wir sind es so gewohnt, uns vor anderen zu verstellen, das wir uns am ende vor uns selbst verstellen." - Francois de la Rouch...

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it's raining outside...Mittwoch 09.12.2009 01:22 AM

It's raining outside
I'm crying inside
It's raining outside
I'm crying inside
5 AM : In the dark
you're like a goldfish with me
You're sleeping
I'm thinking
You're turning your back to me

Here in my bed
you're miles away from me
Here in my head
You're never close to me

I run away by foot
lost in the empty streets
You were supposed to follow me
but you're to proud to do it

Common, don't be mad
I told you I need you
Common, con't be sad

It's my fault, I'm sorry
that we had this fight
I apolagize
Would you hold me tonight?...

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