Chester See - LA to RomeSamstag 29.05.2010 01:05 PM

It's in your eyes
And it's in your smile
It's the way you kiss
It's never been like this before
It's the way you laugh.
And all the times we had
It's the way you touch
I've never loved so much before
The fone calls I never want to end
It's like I'm falling in love over and again.


I promise that I'll be
Faithful and true devoted to you through it all
And I'll gladly be your one and everything
Right by your side, shoulder when you cry if you fall
And I love you more with everyday that ends
It's like I'm falling in love over and again

Your everything that my lifes been missing
And now I can't believe that this is happening to me
Through the good and bad the happy
And the sad you wont be away from home
You'll never be alone, from la to rome

I couldnt dream of better life
Without you right there by my side


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