i never thought that i was so blind but i finelly see the true it's me for you:***

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[Kein Thema]Dienstag 11.05.2010 09:32 PM

I thought that i could always count on you.
I thought that nothing could come between us two.
We said as long as we would stick together.

But i was stupid and you let me down.
Ill never be the same again.
Thank you for showing me, that friendship can end so easy.
And thank you for lying to me!
Your friendship, the good times we had you can have them back.__.
I wonder why it always has to hurt for every lesson that you have to learn.
I wont forget what you did for me.
When the tables turn again youll remember me and youll be wishing i was there for you.
Ill be the one you miss so much, but youll only find my ghost as time goes by youll wonder why.

Maybe well find a way to save ourselves but at the momet i am just tired of thinking, tired of crying and tired of waiting.

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