stressed out . already.

I'M A PLASTIC ._____.Samstag 15.12.2007 11:45 PM

[x] you own curlers [Curling Iron]
[x] you own straighteners
[x] you have foundation
[ ] you have 3 different colored eyeliners
[x] you have mascara
[ ] you have dream matte mouse
[x] you have an eyebrow brush
[x] you have a nail file
[x] you have heat protection spray
[x] you have a hair dryer

[ ] your room is pink
[ ] you call your self barbie
[ ] you have blonde hair
[ ] you have blue eyes
[x] you have brown eyes
[x] you have brown hair
[ ] you own more than 10 pairs of shoes
[ ] your bed is pink

[ ] your friends call you dumb
[ ] people call you barbie
[x] you own a designer perfume
[ ] you have designer clothes
[ ] you die your hair
[ ] you have high-lights
[ ] your hair brush is designer

[ ] you have your own bathroom in your bedroom
[x] you look in the mirror atleast 5 times a day
[ ] you wear alot of pink
[ ] you have a playboy bunny item in your house
[ ] you have pink lights in your room
[ ] you have pink teddys

[x] you have pink photo frames
[ ] you have a pink nintendo DS
[x] you have a mobile phone
[x] you have a laptop
[x] you have a tv in your room
[x] you have an ipod
[x] you had to use a calculator to add up this quiz


Na Mensch....54 % Plastic..Das hats doch :D

[Mit Dank an MUCK!]

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