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.Dienstag 27.04.2010 07:32 PM

So I made it,
even though Katy told me,
this would be nothing,
but a waste of time.
And she was right.
My new nickname,
is ''You idiot!''
That's what my friends
are calling me.
They tell me ''Let go,
he is not the one!''
I thought I saw your potential,
guess that's what made me dumb.
''He dont want it,
not like you want it.
Oh girl, why do you
waste your time?
You know he ain't right!''
Telling me this,
I don't wanna listen.
This is stupid,
I'm not stupid,
don't talk to me,
like I'm stupid.
I still love you,
but I just can't do this.
I may be dumb but,
I'm not stupid.
Trying to make this work,
but you act like a jerk.
Silly of me to keep
holding on.
But the dunce cap is off,
you don't know what you lost.
And you won't realize,
till I'm gone, gone, gone,
that I was the one.
Which one of us
is really dumb?

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