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Adore you.Samstag 20.03.2010 06:33 PM

I've not the faintest idea, why aren't you talking to me?
Would you look into my eyes, put me out of my misery?
I have never told lies, I hope that you come back to me.
Come on trust my words,
give me your heart back again.
Kiss my lips, touch my hand,
give me a second chance.
My heart is pumping,
have a feeling that I've never felt.
But if I'm allowed to be with you,
the luck is coming to my world.
You're the only one for me.
We walked through the world,
where nobody has been before.
I'm goin down on my,
on my knees for you.
For your love I'd do it, for your sake, believe I'll do it.
If you don't love me, why do you raise my hopes?

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