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Klassenfahrt Song 2.Sonntag 07.06.2009 05:32 PM

Wie versprochen nun Lied Nr.2

It's goodbye,
but we got one more night.
Let's get drunk and ride around,
and make peace of an empty town.
We can make it right.

Throw it away,
forget yesterday,
we'll make the great escape.
We won't hear a word they say,
they don't know us anyway.
Watch it burn,
let it die,
'cause we are finally free,

Tonight will change our lives,
it's so good to be by your side.
We'll cry,
we won't give up the fight.

We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs,
and they'll thinks it's 'cause we're young.
And we'll feel so alive.

All of the wasted time,
the hours that were left behind,
the answers that we'll never find.
They don't mean a thing,

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