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[Kein Thema]Montag 20.04.2009 06:38 PM

You promised me you'd be around,
that's right.
I took your words
and I believed,
in everything
you said to me.

If someone said three years from now,
you'd be long gone.
I'd stand up and punch them up,
cause they're all wrong.
I know better,
cause you said forever
and ever.

I wish I could still call you friend,
I'd give anything.

When someone said count your blessings now,
for they're long gone.
I guess I just didn't know how,
I was all wrong.
They knew better,
still you said forever
and ever.

I'll keep you locked in my head,
and I won't forget you my friend,
what happened.

And time makes
it harder,
I wish I could remember.
But I keep
your memory,
you visit me in my sleep.

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