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Ich finds auch gruselig :xMittwoch 12.11.2008 01:14 PM

# Your first name of Sina has given you a studious nature, and the ability to concentrate on whatever you are doing.

# You could excel in mathematics or in positions where persistence, independence, and individuality are required.

# In personal associations, a lack of finesse in verbal expression often creates misunderstandings with others, especially with those close to you, because you find it difficult and embarrassing to express depth of feeling when situations arise requiring diplomacy, understanding, and affection.

# Others may often find you reserved and aloof, when actually you desire love and understanding.

# This name creates a withdrawn, reserved nature.

# You feel very alone at times and find it difficult to merge with others in a happy, relaxed manner.

# You could suffer with head tension, or any weakness relative to the heart, lungs, or bronchial organs.

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