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.Mittwoch 20.07.2011 05:34 PM

I do remember the swing in your step,
the life of the party you're showing off again,
and I roll my eyes and then you pulled me in.
I'm not much for dancing,
but for you I did.

I love how you walk with,
your hands in your pockets.
How you kissed me when I was,
in the middle of saying something.
There's not a day when I don't miss,
those rude interruptions.

So I'll watch you live in pictures,
like I used to watch you sleep.
And I feel you forget me,
like I used to feel you breathe.
And I keep up with our old friends,
just to ask them how you are,
hope it's nice where you are.

And I hope the sun shines,
and it's a beautiful day,
and something reminds you,
you wish you had stayed.

All that I know is I don't know,
how to be something you miss.
Never thought we'd have a last kiss.
Never imagined we'd end like this.

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