|Ein schlaues Mädchen küsst aber liebt nicht, hört zu aber glaubt nicht &geht bevor es verletzt wird|

._.Montag 30.05.2011 05:36 PM

hey 'do you remember who I am?
I am that girl missed you every damn second. The Facebook has in at least 100 times already clicked through your pictures. The girl that has been fighting around you knows you. This makes it all so trying & you are happy. The one that tells you with tears in his eyes that you're just the best friend. Because she knows she has no chance. The girl again, every day waiting for your sms and every day crying. This has broken the self and at the end & is from yet you can get ready. The one that must endure your good & bad temper. The girl is making you never flagging whether she is sick or healthy. This I am! Can you remind you again?
Von Gott erschaffen und vom Teufel Erzogen:)

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