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I was made for loving you :)Freitag 14.10.2011 09:11 PM

I swore, I swore, I swore!!!! O.o
I got² luv u, babe!! ---> ♥♥♥
There are 10 tense for yaaaa!!
•you're the only one
•when I thinka u, I can't hold my heart on
•when you are by my side, my adrenaline goes to my head
•your tongue goes to my brain, every time
•what you've got is hard to find
•your lips are like chewinggum
•you taste like wiskhey
•you ate my heart
•I'm on the 7th cloud, when I am with you :)
•you drove a truck through my heart ♥

that's why I'm loving you :))

everybody has to like this :)

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