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my heart is beating like a disco drumMontag 21.03.2011 10:26 PM

when Ive seen you..
my heart was racing..
and now..
I wanna fly to the top with you..
but you don't love me
...I fall in love with you
I look forward to my thoughts..
they are never go true..
I saw you one time
and I'd love you one time...
these picture in my head
go never lose.
oh sex in the air is like a music drum..
my heart's beating like a disco drum,
if i think at you...
right now... I know, we were born this way..
you couldn't love me..
you don't feel the same like me..

there are about 6000000000 people in the world..
just you are the one, the one of 6000000000...
Ive known, you are so beautiful..
and no one knows, I am loving you..
but you don't now me..
the time is there, to thinking about you!
my heart is beating like a disco drum...
I can't believe, its true...
I didn't see the things about you...
have i a chance??
could you love me??

the speed of the lights.. like ,,my heart is beating like a disco drum"

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