Meine Religion hat mit Schleifchen und Theorien zu tun...und beantwortet logischerweise alles nachvollziehbar

EverydaySonntag 23.12.2007 04:10 PM

Everyday i see people walking arround
feeling like god
just because of dumb reasons
wearing their crowns of shit
an thinking that it is made out of gold

everyday i see new hate
fighting an killin
annoying each other
just like i don`t like most of the people i see
just shut the fuck up please

everyday i see new pain
new pain caused by new hate
and causes by the ones
who feel like god
pain wich could be ignored

everyday is something new
but everyday still is exactly the same
if we want do be so different
why do we repeat everything again and again
i will never understand humanity

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