Meine Religion hat mit Schleifchen und Theorien zu tun...und beantwortet logischerweise alles nachvollziehbar

outside god inside demonSonntag 06.03.2011 08:43 PM

look how human i seemed to be
outside im just the machine looking like human
inside my head collapsing veins
in put everything mentally normal into my steel cage
there is no way out
the only chance to get out is if i open the gates to heart again
but i think in my insanity and the way of life i got now i never will again
self destructive bastard singing here comes the pain
i build up the wall
i am the mountain
i closed myself away in the cage dying in my own head
theres just the will to power
will for freedom
never having regrets ever again
i am my self chosen legend
not untouchable
but unreachable

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