Ich glaub ich bleib den Rest meines Lebens einfach allein, sitze inner Ecke und weine einfach in mich hinein

The Mission - Hymn for AmericaSonntag 29.01.2012 11:35 PM

I’ve felt the heat
In the city of Angels
Dust up on high
And the worse for wear
I’ve seen the lights
Going down on sunset
Madmen running loose
There’s murder in the air
So this is America

Love colder than death
Working the street
Love doesn’t come cheap
So I learn how to steal
Religion for sale
Buy my way into heaven
Sell my soul for a truck
It’s never worth a great deal
So this is America

I remember her smile and her virgin heart
I remember her tears tearing me apart
I remember my hands helpless and tied
As they led her away I remember I cried

I’ve put my life
In the hands of a scream
Small talked and less
With legends to be
But I carried a torch
For the child forbidden
And when the heat closed in
They crucified me
So this is America

Dreams don’t come easy
Without any sleep
Laid wide eyed and weary
On this damned bed of nails
I hit the freeway
And step on the speed
Head for the desert
When madness prevails
So this is America

God bless you America
God bless you America
God bless you America
God bless you

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