boah immer diese ira mit der gitarre unter meinem fenster :D
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<3Freitag 11.01.2008 06:29 PM

I'm so glad we are together.. i don't ever wanna lose you. You mean so much to me and I wouldnt ever wanna miss any second we spend together. You make my life worth living it and i appreciate the way you treat me. Youre adorable baby and I wanna be with you forever. Cuz I loveee youu!!
Maybe sometimes we're makin somethin outta nothin && we don't even know why...but I just wanna be wit you... Baby lets forget about the fightin && fussin, i could remember when i met you, we were kissin && huggin. Baby boy i wanna love you not make you sick.. You're my one && only. Wit you it's more than love. Yer my everything shawty, I juss wanna be wit you <3 I LOVE YOU !!! <3

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