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► She Flys Me Away ♫♪♫Mittwoch 03.03.2010 09:43 PM

Used to be a Romeo til’ I found my Juliet
Now I don’t rome no more,
And all my love she gets..
She come from a different place,
I come from the other side..
Even though we not the same..
That girl she changed my life, oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. oh my Juliet.
I finally found ya.. my Juliet.
Can’t wait to wake up in the morning..
Knowing she’ll be around
Heaven should of sent a warning
If I was sending me an angel down..
I used to chase all the money, the cars and all them broads..
But I don’t care for them things ever since she stole my heart,
Oh she’s a star, she makes me fly..
Taking me places, I’ve never seen..
Two worlds apart, but she don’t mind
Cause she’s got her wings..

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