GALLUP, HONESTLY:Dienstag 30.03.2010 01:57 AM

1. How many men/women have you kissed?
- well... i cannot know :D

2. Which colour are your underwear?
- black!

3. What's on your mind right now?
- This gallup and sleeping :D

4. Have you done anything bad today?
- I don't think so?

5. Are you jealous for someone?
- Oh yes I am.

6. What makes you happy?
- My friends, family, money, party, shopping, luxury, beauty, health

7. Do you have secrets which no one else know?
- Yes I do have! ;)

8. When was the last time you ate fastfood?
- Today :D Subway

9. Are you in love?
- No I'm not :(

10. What was the last thing you said and for who?
- Good night to my friend.

11. When you have been kissing somebody in somewhere, do you go and tell it right a way to your friends?
- Not always... but quite often yea

12. What do you do when you are really angry?
- I scream :D then it goes like 30 minutes and i forget why I was angry :D

13. Have you ever made anybody cry?
- Yea.. for example my brothers, mum, teacher :D I'm a bad person

14. Have you ever had a broken heart?
- Yes :/ twice I think.

15. Could you forgive it if your boyfriend/girlfriend had cheated on you?
- No, it would be the end of the relationship.

16. Do you want children and are you ready to be a mom/dad?
- I'm not ready yet :D But in future I will want one or two kids :)

17. Do you like to play "hard to get" ?
- Actually no.

18. Have you ever dated more than one boy/girl at the same time?
- Well not dated...

19. Are you romantic?
- Sometimes ;D I would love to be with bf in a pool arounded candels and some romantic music.

20. Do you think you can change some other people?
- No... I do believe that people changes but they make it by theirselves.

21. Could you get married only for money?
- I'm so stupid that maybe yes :D but it depens

22. Have you ever broke someones heart?
- Unfortunately :/

23. Do you miss someone now?
- Yes <3

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