Habe ein neues Hobby entdeckt. Wer will, kann gerne mitmachen.
Wenn wir genug beisammen haben, gibt's ne Abstimmung bei Doodle.
  • I think my pig is whistling
  • That the mouse doesn't bite the twine
  • The silence in the wood
  • That the dog get's crazy in the pan
  • One more (of something) doesn't make the roast fat
  • The devil is a squirrel
  • Vanity is also a form of education
  • The stupiest farmer harvests the biggest potatoes
  • Tomorrow will be another sod rushed through the village

  • Who diggs others a hole, will fall there itself
  • Who says A has to say B as well
  • The hour in the dawn has gold in its mouth...
  • My english isn't from bad parents (thx to: Lilou)
  • What you now can arrange don't move on tomorrow (thx to: Sir-Duke-Alan)

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