THE Brian Kendrick Theme - Man With A PlanMontag 01.12.2008 01:20 AM

So listen up, good now, the general masses
You ain't gotta note it in your high school classes
Cause it ain't written down if you know that its true
There's a lotta famous people with the sound of the new
Well fame they say can be a serious under
So would you put the helmet on the afterburner
Story so far is one hell of a mess

So come on let me lead you through the wilderness
I'm a Man with a Plan

They come from from all over saying, help me please
I can't see the wood from the proverbial trees
It ain't as simple as a minor compass
Show the shadows in the alley getting ready to jump
The trick is to look with your head, now dont be blinded
The people of the turf don't need to be reminded
They're only as good as their last idea
A future guarentee - get outta here!

I'm a man with a plan

To all of you out there, waiting on tables
tropical laying down cables
Tune into the plan on broadcast news
Youre still wasting your time man, lookin for clues
Cause there aint no need for you to scrape up somethin
Was a man

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