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51.Dienstag 29.03.2011 01:27 AM

Dieser Text ist so großartig. Ich freu mich jedes Mal auf's Neue! :D

Life isn't always easy
It isn't always fun
When you lose direction
Your world can come undone
When you're in need of guidance
And help is overdue
You might ask yourself this question
What Would Jesus Do?
If you were at a party
And host run out of wine
He'd make some more with magic
And bring on back good times
But in this situation
You couldn't see it trough
He's the son of God
And he shits all over you
You can't do what Jesus can do
You're the King of Nothing, an he's the King of Jews
He knows every magic trick, you only know a few
Don't even bother asking
What Would Jesus Do?
Can you heal a leper?
Or feed the crowd with fish and bread?
Can you walk on water? Did you rise from the dead?
And did you give your life up to save humans from
Bad luck
Were you born on virgin birth, or did your parents:
You can't do what Jesus can do
He has twelve apostles and no one follows you
When faced with a dilemma
Let logic guide you trough
What kind of dick-head wonders
What would Jesus do?
When Jesus was betrayed
And robbed off all his trust
He used His laser vision
And turned Judas into dust
When Lois Lane was dying
Jesus held her in his arms
He flew backwards round the world
To keep her save from harm
When Jesus tours the country
In His Rock n' Roll band Kiss
Thousands cheer his music
Even tough it's hit the miss
You can't do what Jesus can do
(Jesus shits all over you)
There are three of Him, and there's only one of you
(And Jesus can fly)
He can cure a blind man, you can't cure the flu
(You're good at nothing)
He's a zombie wizard who also knows kung-fu
So next time you're in trouble
Thinking What Would Jesus Do?
Try not to forget
He's a million, billion, trillion times
Better than you (God gave Rock n' Roll to you,
Gave Rock n' Roll to you,
Gave Rock n' Roll to everyone,
God gave Rock n' Roll to you,
Gave Rock n' Roll to you,
Put it in the soul of everyone)

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