We must lose sight of who we are to know what we can be.

A.K. 04.08.2012Mittwoch 07.11.2012 07:05 PM


♥the way she's moving her lips to a song she likes, when she thinks I'm not looking

♥she is just sitting in front of me looking me into the eyes

♥the way she says "I love you"

♥the way that she sneaks up to me, to put her arms around me from behind

♥how she runs up to me and hugs me like crazy, when we haven't seen in a while

♥the shining of her eyes, when she realises that I bought her favourite candy

♥the way that she always surprises me with all these small things

♥the way that she smiles, when there's suddenly something on her mind

♥how cute she is when something fascinates her

♥the way she kisses me when she notices that I'm down

♥the way that she places her head on my shoulder when she is sitting next to me

♥the way that she slowly strokes down my arm until her hand finally grabs mine

♥how cute she is when trying to look angry when we are arguing

♥the way she stands on tiptoe when she kisses me

♥how her hands and feet twitch right afer she fell asleep

♥how she always tells me that everything is gonna be allright

♥the way she listens to me at full attention when I'm telling something

♥the way she smells no matter where she is and what she is doing

♥how she stands in front of her wardrobe dressing and undressing again until she finally realises how beautiful she looks in all her clothes

♥the way she always makes me laugh

♥how her positivity carries over all the people around her

♥the way she fills me up with love and makes me feel alive.

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