We must lose sight of who we are to know what we can be.

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I can't explain how I felt then, as I remembered that it was you who had defeated me. What a bitter irony, we once couldn't make it through the day without each other. I'd wish to say that I never loved you. Hand on my heart, I drowned, I sank to the ocean bed. I gasped for breath but I fainted. We were born naked while the gods watched over us. Too long I took it for granted, but now this paradise's lost. I just believe the things I see and there ain't no escape from reality. One wish to be spared from being poisoned of the cold hard truth that is freezing me. As god is my witness, I tried to hold on to each spark I held in my hand to relight a fire of a life that (already) expired. It's like lifting the weight of the world for only a second and I can't imagine any attraction. And finally it seems that I'm waking from this dream and slowly it's emerging that I've given up on me. I pleaded the meaning of these words that I said to finally unlearn the things I regret. Still loving life.

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