We must lose sight of who we are to know what we can be.

Blame the architects.Freitag 16.03.2012 06:10 PM

We're here to destroy the world.
You tried, we failed.
It's just too easy now to do the right thing,
And we need a challenge.
We won't stop till we take everything.
We won't stop till we kill everything.

Please don't listen when I say that I care-
I stopped when you stopped watching.
We quit and no one cared.
You screamed and we just stared.

We want the world, and we're not asking for it.
And when you give it, we'll just hate you for it.
We never tried to get out. No one tried to find us.

We are your children-
So far from what you thought you made.
We are your children-
Never learned to build... we just break.
We are your children-
Three steps back from a giant leap.
We are all that's left.
We'll take all that's left.

And we will rob you while you look away.
We'll kill you as you kneel to pray.
And we'll hate you for letting us.
We'll hate you for making us.
So just step back watch us destroy the world.

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