meeeh ;D
She went to school when it happened.
In her class there was a new addition, a boy.
He was something special, that they knew.
No one wanted out of her young class with him being friends Classify ..
he was emo.
He had the same fate as them.
She was also emo.
The two quickly became friends, and of course it went quickly around in the school.
They were offended by the other students: going on in your corner and you scratched it.
The two ignored it.
When the two had no more pleasure at all that they decided to elope.
They packed their bags and met both at 0 clock at night at the school.
as they lit the last school and disappeared forever.
no one could ever see or find.
The only thing was there was a note which was written on it: Since you have your blood and blessing.
12 years later their bodies were found.
They were together. they were not rotten or violates the einziste was ... They had to crack the poor.

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